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“The operating cost of the terminal store is high, no profit? The flow of people entering the store continues to decline, the sales volume is shrinking? The product is homogenized, there is no brand? What?” “On November 4-5, here, the “door and window store performance is 10 times multiplied. The 36-item "The Southwest Gate" high-end training summit event will be launched in Kunming, Yunnan. This training summit was initiated by the Fakenini system doors and windows to help China's door and window industry terminal store provide a 10 million performance store. The knowledge system that must be possessed.

As the saying goes, it is better to teach people to fish than to teach people. The “Southwest King” high-end training summit with the theme of “10-fold multiplication of doors and windows stores” is designed to help the terminal establish a knowledge system for a store with a performance of 10 million.
It is understood that nearly 300 entrepreneurs will be invited to attend this high-end training summit event, and interact with the industry's rich terminal operation experience to explore and improve the terminal operation management system.
Don't forget your heart, you have to always. Although he has succeeded in entrepreneurship today, he has not forgotten his original wish. He has helped many entrepreneurs to succeed by starting a series of training courses, including his specialty stores and dealer customers, his peers, and even competitors... He always believes that: In spring, the flowers bloom in the spring garden.
Come here, you can help you to understand the current and future of the door and window industry, find the market development, bring back a set of 10 times multi-store performance plan, quickly form a perfect operating system for millions of businesses, help you quickly break through the existing The bottleneck of development.


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