Extremely narrow door series
FJM4516 two-track sliding door



Aluminum: A00 aluminum 6063-T5 high strength aluminum alloy
Frame: outer frame 65mm, wall thickness 1.4mm
Glass fan: inner fan 16mm, wall thickness 2.0mm
Hardware: Fakeny System Hardware
Strip: EDPM sealing strip
Glass: Xinyi glass original film / 4mm + 4mm bending hollow aluminum spacer glue
Mesh: American standard 304 stainless steel 80c wire 11 mesh, imported Abbe powder Nobel powder surface treatment, Blu-ray anti-counterfeiting
Indoor: black skin, white flange
Outdoor: black skin, white flange
Delivery period: 25-30 days for the standard period 30-35 days for the product cycle
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Fahini system door and window solution
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