1. The principle of door and window calculation for all product series of Fakkini: fixed part area × fixed part unit price + opening part area × opening part unit price
2, puzzle design
   2.1. Due to the limitation of logistics and transportation, customers are required to order door and window products with a size of less than 3500mm×2400mm, and large-size openings are designed in the form of puzzles.
   2.2. All corner windows and door joint windows are designed and processed by assembling pieces.
   2.3, 90 ° corner fight: You can not design 2 open fan handles.
   2.4. Calculation of the area of ​​the piece: single door and window area 1 + single door and window area 2 + single door and window area 3 ......
3, within the standard surface treatment range, no double color fee, wood grain fee, standard color combination: outdoor powder spray color + indoor wood grain color / powder spray color.
4, fixed color does not charge within the range, according to the delivery period increased by 5-7 days, no additional fees.
5, outside the standard surface treatment range: powder coating 60 yuan / m2, wood grain color 130 yuan / m2, fluorocarbon 150 yuan / m2, fixed color area greater than 150m2 fixed color fee charged 50%.
6, the order is less than 10m2 does not accept the fixed color; must be fixed, in addition to the above fixed color standard charges, plus 800 yuan / time.
7, the standard configuration price is the price of glass, if the customer does not require glass, the unit price deducted 100 yuan / m2, and the company's warranty range, does not contain glass.
8, single-piece glass more than 1.5m2, the company requires that the factory must be equipped with wooden boxes, wooden box costs 30 yuan / m2.
9. Swing window/sliding window fixed position 0.5m2, active position 1m2/fan calculation; flat door fixed position 0.5m2, active position 1.6m2/fan starting calculation, sub-mother door 2.6m2 counting.
10, indoor sliding door single fan 1.5m2 / fan from the calculation.
11, heavy-duty sliding door single fan 1.8m2 / fan from the calculation.
12, the company does not pay for the glass factory, the installation method of the rubber strip needs to add 400 yuan / volume of the outer rubber strip, 400 yuan / volume of the inner rubber strip.
13, edging: single package plus 70 yuan / m (85mm), 100 yuan / m (120mm); double edging plus 120 yuan / m (85mm), 16 yuan / m (120mm).
14. The wall thickness of the double door set is over 200mm, and each super 10mm adds 10 yuan/m.
15, spacer: pure aluminum small spacer (10 * 20) 60 yuan / m2, large spacer (20 * 30) 80 yuan / m2.
17, corner tube / square tube: 60 * 60 or less auxiliary materials 50 yuan / m, 61-100mm plus 80 yuan / m, 101-150 plus 100 yuan / m, 151-200mm plus 150 yuan / m.
18, Optional glass: LOW-E glass plus 100 yuan / m2, single-layer coated glass plus 50 yuan / m2, laminated rubber 5 +0.76 + 5 plus 200 yuan / m2, bulletproof glass plus 900 yuan / m2 ; Intelligent dimming glass 2000 yuan / m2.
19, louver: Guangzhou Hanshi intelligent electric louver plus 880 yuan / m2, plus N2 control system 500 yuan / set or Y-type control system 500 yuan / set; magnetic control louver plus 680 yuan / m2, the minimum starting standard for each glass It is 1m2.
20, optional hardware: GENESS Gies / HOPO inside the inner 250 yuan / set; outside open hanging over 320 / set; Germany Siglia open within 400 yuan / set.
21, optional hardware: Haobo HOPO swing door lock 120 yuan / set, ROTO Noto lift door accessories 1500 / fan.
22, HPOP New Zealand big handle 300mm long plus 120 yuan / month, luxury large handle 600mm long plus 380 yuan / piece, including lock core, lock body, buckle cover plus 200 yuan / set of Nuo 560mm stainless steel handle 550 yuan / month; Uno 360mm.
23, shaped door and window calculation: the area is calculated according to the maximum rectangular area.
24, plane curved pull: the area is calculated according to the maximum rectangular area; add 380 yuan / a bending fee.
25, three-dimensional curved pull: the area is calculated according to the maximum rectangular area 2 times, the unit price is calculated according to the price of the delivery price 2 times, plus 380 yuan / a bending fee, plus glass bending steel fee.
26, packaging: If you need to hit the wooden frame 30 yuan / m2, the customer has booked a wooden box and there is a situation of logistics corruption, our company is responsible for solving.
27, the above quotation does not include tax, installation fee, freight: if you need to invoice plus 8% tax point.
28. The calculation standard of glass area is calculated according to the area of ​​the frame, not calculated according to the actual size of the glass; if the customer does not hit the wooden box, we will deliver the logistics according to the customer's designated logistics as much as possible, or find the direct logistics delivery to the customer. If there is any damage, I will Secretary does not bear
responsibility. When the customer finds that the goods have been damaged, they do not pick up the goods, and take photos to inform our company to help solve the problem, and to claim the logistics; the customer confirms that the order is correct, the deposit of more than 50% of the total amount of the down payment, the balance is paid for delivery; the customer causes the change Plus
Receive material loss and personnel fees; and bear the return shipping costs; factory reasons, the factory is responsible for return and bear the return shipping.
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