System Door and Window Hardware Promotion Seminar
Release date:2018-09-03    Views:840

The "System Doors and Windows Hardware Promotion Seminar" jointly organized by Dongfa Kenni Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. was held in Guangdong Province Doors and Windows Association. The seminar was attended by Shanghai Haobo (HOPPE) Xu Zong, SIEGENIA China Song General, Technical General Deng, Technical King, and Executive Secretary of Guangdong Province Door and Window Association Ma Jianhua, General Manager of Guangdong Fakenni Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. Yao Xintao, and Director of Home Improvement Marketing Center Cao Xingping attended the seminar.

The main purpose of this seminar is to discuss how to bring the system door and window hardware jointly developed by HOPPE and SIEGENIA to the market and push it to users. The production line is faster and the quality is more stable, so that manufacturers can clearly understand the development direction of future hardware accessories. At present, a subversive revolution in the door and window industry is about to come, from the traditional business model to the customized and innovative model, from low-cost bad competition to quality-efficiency competition, from extensive manufacturing to green, intelligent manufacturing, and by heavy production. Manufacturing to heavy service-oriented manufacturing, how does the door and window industry catch up with the new era of information technology and industrial technology deep intertwined express train? For door and window enterprises, only by returning to “making products” and constantly innovating “good products” can we achieve sustainable development and realize self-worth. In this context, this seminar is based on the theme of “returning to the essence of products and markets”, aiming at advocating the changes of doors and windows enterprises according to the market. In this transformation, the enterprises in innovation always stand in the hands of explorers and practitioners. From the perspective, actively adapt to market changes, positioning products in the middle and high-end market, emphasizing high quality, high cost performance, channels sinking to the third and fourth line, more grounded, closer to consumer demand. Do product innovation research and development and change, promote supplier product development and innovation, help door and window enterprises to truly start from the design, materials, technology, technology and other foundations, to create the products that consumers really need, and ultimately realize the business value of doors and windows enterprises.

This seminar promoted the in-depth exchanges between HOPPE, SIEGENIA and door and window companies, and strengthened the door and window hardware to be constantly updated to meet market demand and to do well with related suppliers. Face-to-face communication and docking. Further enhance the influence of the door and window association in the industry, and promote the deepening of research and application practice of door and window technology. To provide a mutual understanding and multi-faceted cooperation for door and window enterprises to create a win-win goal for the industry, so that the door and window industry can move forward steadily and go higher and further!

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