Ten Years Tree Tree Centennial Brand - March 24th Love Tree Plan
Release date:2018-09-03    Views:774

Participated in the theme of the ten-year tree tree brand for a decade, in order to enhance everyone's understanding of the Arbor Day, raise awareness of plant care, and enhance everyone's awareness of environmental greening. Add a little green to our homeland, so that Our living environment is more beautiful. Through this activity, we can enhance the awareness of planting trees, let employees learn to unite and cooperate with each other, help each other, and call on all staff to actively participate in the Arbor Day and start from themselves. To expand the influence of the brand and achieve the ambitious strategic goal of “planting a small tree, a green land, and a century-old brand” to reflect the deep meaning of this event!

Today, the weather is cool and the temperature is right. It is a good day to plant trees. After nearly half an hour's drive, we arrived at the destination on time at 9 o'clock. Before the event started, the leaders of the industry association delivered a speech and together they planted a friendship tree. According to the requirements of the activities and the skills and precautions of tree planting explained before, the tools were quickly distributed and company-based. Each of them enters the allocated area in order to freely group and start planting trees. In the process of planting trees, everyone cooperated with each other. Some raised the hoes, some shoveled the soil, some helped the trees fill the soil, and some tied the wooden frames. Everyone was very busy. After more than two hours of work, more than 120 green trees have been “settled in the landscape” in the landscape, adding a new green to the place.

Through this event, let us act quickly and actively participate in the activities of planting trees and beautifying homes. These saplings carry the love and hope of the Fagani people, and they will surely thrive like the Fakenini brand, and they will be alive.

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