Hard work, internal strength, three local stores in Kennedy, Gua
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In-depth intensive cultivation of the terminal, in-depth marketing, and create a new high in sales of Fakenini in 2017. The door and window headquarters of Fakenini system were carried out on November 8-9 at the headquarters of the door and window of the Fakenini system for two customers in Guangzhou. Tian Tian’s chairman, Yao Xintao, personally taught the terminal store operations secrets.

As the saying goes: "It is necessary to fight hard by itself." During the two-day training course, Chairman Yao Xintao elaborated on product features, terminal store management, terminal channel development, and terminal store performance improvement. Yao Dong also explained the common problems encountered by the terminal. Confuse.
According to reports, at the beginning of 2017, Chairman Yao Xintao put forward growth requirements for national specialty stores and dealer partners. In order to better support the growth of national specialty stores and dealers, learn advanced concepts, and accelerate the pace of individual and corporate iterations, Fakenini established a strong marketing department in 2017 to fully support the rapid growth of national excellent stores and dealers. He has held training activities such as “East China Regional VIP Customer Training Summit” and “South China Regional Distributor Training Summit”.


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