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As the economic level of the Chinese people increases, people's demands for windows are getting higher and higher. Windows have a long history of thousands of years in China. With the advent of the industrial age, steel windows, aluminum windows, plastic windows, broken aluminum windows, and color steel windows have also dominated the door and window market and won their golden age. . Every change in the breakdown, the elimination of old products, and the launch of new products have a qualitative impact on people's lives.


“The first change: wooden windows were replaced by steel windows”

China's modern building doors and windows were developed in the twentieth century, and the empty steel window was introduced to China in 1911. In the late 1970s, the state vigorously implemented the resource allocation policy of “taking steel to replace wood” and greatly promoted the development of fasting steel windows. It should be said that large-scale urban construction has won business opportunities for the development of empty steel windows, and wooden windows have been quickly replaced by steel windows.
"The second change: aluminum window into the steel window back"
The 1980s was the heyday of traditional fasting steel windows, and the market share reached 70%. However, the fatal flaw of the steel window is that the steel conducts heat quickly, the heat preservation performance is poor, and it is easy to rust, which is not beautiful, and the room for technological and technological transformation is not large. Therefore, aluminum windows began to enter the Chinese market, but initially used only in foreign embassies in China and a few foreign-related projects. Compared with the fast-selling steel window, the aluminum window is extremely plastic, can be processed in many forms, and is not easy to rust. Therefore, the aluminum doors and windows are greatly promoted, and the market space is gradually expanded. The product series and varieties of aluminum doors and windows began to be enriched, forming a relatively developed aluminum door and window product system and establishing its pillar product status.
“The third revolution: plastic steel doors and windows ushered in a boom period”
The aluminum alloy has strong plasticity and reduced processing difficulty, but its thermal conductivity is extremely high, and the sealing and heat preservation effects are not satisfactory. At the same time, aluminum alloys are also high energy-consuming materials. In order to solve the problem of door and window insulation, China began to introduce the production technology of plastic steel doors and windows from Germany in 1983. Plastic steel doors and windows began in the late 1950s, first developed by Germany, a kind of hard, low-foaming building plastic called UPVC that can be used in construction. The technology at the time was not very advanced, and both were single or two-chamber structures. In 1991, a number of manufacturers of equipment, molds, profiles and assembly equipment emerged in China. In 1996, the state vigorously promoted the production of plastic-steel doors and windows, which ushered in the prosperity of the steel-steel door and window industry.
"The fourth revolution: broken aluminum alloy window beats plastic steel window"
The advantages of plastic-steel windows are low management and operation costs, competitive prices, and corrosion resistance. After being introduced into the Chinese market, its core additives and formulas are still in the hands of foreign companies, and the price is high. As the competition in the domestic industry continues to intensify, some companies have begun to reduce or even eliminate various important additives in order to reduce costs. The wall thickness of the profile, the development of sliding windows and other new products with low hardware costs. This phenomenon of lowering the standard and lowering the configuration has finally evolved into the irreversible effect of the whole industry. The shortcomings of the plastic-steel window are exposed and become a common phenomenon in the whole industry, such as yellowing, which will become brittle in a long time. And caused a number of security incidents.
“The fifth revolution: aluminum wood windows, pure wooden windows to the market”
With the development of the times, the product singularity of broken bridge windows is far from satisfying people's demand for high quality doors and windows. Aluminum wood windows and pure wood windows have won the favor of high-end consumers with richer choices and better texture. However, due to the characteristics of the wood and the connection process with the aluminum material, the expansion coefficient is different, resulting in a great discount. At the same time, with the intensification of competition, some enterprises used inferior wood in order to reduce costs, resulting in uneven market quality, which eventually slowed the development of aluminum wood windows and pure wood windows.
"The sixth change: Jingang network integrated window won the golden period of market development"
The replacement of doors and windows is not only required by the market, but also reflects the improvement of the entire door and window industry. With the development of society, the building standards have gradually improved, and the doors and windows have more and more extended in value beyond the scope of their own use value, reflecting the quality, taste and function of the building from one side. At the same time, with the maturity of China's 3D hand-feeling wood grain transfer technology, Jinsteel's integrated window is well received by the market for its powerful functionality and superior effect. With the deepening of energy-saving and environmental protection awareness, the Jingang network integrated window will change the market structure quietly.

How to know "Golden Steel Network"
A: The characteristics of the Jingang network


King Kong is a new high-end home on the market, suitable for assembly on relatively new high-end doors and windows, to meet the needs of high-end customers. It can not only play the role of anti-insect/anti-mosquito, but also play the role of anti-theft, and does not affect the appearance. Mesh look and feel: transparent and no dizziness, indoors look like a layer of tinted glass, and the outdoor view to the room is blurred and unclear. The gold steel mesh has good hardness. Because of its high strength, it is fixed on the wall or on the form, and it has a good enough acceptance, and is not afraid of invasion by outsiders. The high-quality mesh is treated by electrophoretic painting, which is not afraid of moisture, sun exposure or bad weather. Because it is a crisscross structure and a wire diameter of 0.8mm, it not only prevents mosquitoes, but also enhances the anti-theft effect. Cooperating with high-quality locks and accessories, this security door and window function is superior and the quality is guaranteed. With this anti-theft door and window, let your home face in a ventilated, breathable, mosquito-free environment to ensure that thieves can not enter. Using the doors and windows of our mesh as the high-end products of today's market, it is very popular and the market prospect is very broad.

Two: The advantages and functions of Jingang
Two: The advantages and functions of Jingang
Strong impact resistance, anti-theft, anti-mosquito. High temperature resistance, flame retardant, etc., high strength, strong toughness, and bright and beautiful surface, can better increase the air circulation rate and the sunlight. Anti-theft anti-mosquito net, woven from stainless steel wire, the surface is spray-treated, the color is (black, gray and other colors). Concealed on aluminum doors and windows, they are organically integrated into one. The stainless steel mesh is hidden in the window frame, and the aluminum strip is sealed and beautiful. Really reflects the anti-theft, anti-mosquito, ventilation and ventilation, trinity. Moreover, the emergency escape is convenient, unobstructed and unobstructed. Easy to clean, as long as a rag can be cleaned very cleanly. Long service life, can be 15-50 years.
Paint characteristics
1. The paint is firm, not easy to fall off, does not burst, and is not afraid of direct sunlight.
2, the surface is delicate, beautiful, smooth, full color, bright.
3, strong corrosion resistance, excellent insulation of the outer skin.
4, wear-resistant, repairable, easy to maintain, easy to clean.
5, with environmental protection, non-toxic, no radiation, anti-penetration, strong resistance and other advantages.
Three: nine functions
1 Safety protection: Reject unsafe factors to prevent damage or invasion of animals such as rats, snakes, flies and mosquitoes.
2 Prevention of falling objects: The old people in the living room or the children playing in the house will not be in an unsafe state because of the opening of the doors and windows.
3 Invisible and transparent: no barrier, no occlusion, no feeling of depression, indoors to keep bright and natural at any time.
4 Easy to open for easy escape: instead of the traditional fixed fence, family members can easily escape from the scene in the event of a fire.
5 Energy saving: no air blockage, indoor air breeze at any time, reducing unnecessary air conditioning operation.
6 Easy to care: Dust and oil are easy to clean, and it is as bright as a vacuum cleaner, absorbent sponge or ordinary brush.
7 Resist UV: Resist UV rays up to 30%, so you can avoid the damage of UV rays to the skin while enjoying the sun.
8 Low-carbon environmental protection: Made entirely of environmentally friendly materials, no pollution.
9 Wide range of applications: suitable for high-end residential and villa groups.
Four: Scope of application
Office, villa, community - anti-theft
Mountainous areas with more mosquitoes, wilderness, suburbs - anti-mosquito
Unified management, residents or business district - beautiful
A damp or dry city - resistant to corrosion and exposure.

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